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HTeaO Announces Expansion into Oklahoma with store in Edmond, OK


September 14th, 2018

(Edmond, OK) Edmond will be home to HTeaO’s newest franchise and first Oklahoma location. HTeaO is excited to welcome Layne Jones and Darrell Switzer to the HTeaO family.

When visiting with Darrell about what drew them to HTeaO he said “We travel to Ruidoso, New Mexico for vacation a lot during the summers and drive through Amarillo on our way there.  Layne told us to stop by and try some tea, we did and we loved it! It wasn’t only the tea that drew me in, I really loved the atmosphere with red dirt music playing, the attitude of all the employees and the company seems to be so positive and very compelling.”

When asked what what made them choose Edmond as the site of their store Layne said “We want to be in a place that feels like home to us. Edmond is where our family shops, goes to church, socializes, and eats. Edmond is our home, so we want to share a product that we love with those that we are around everyday.”

HTeaO will include it’s custom tea bar with 22 flavors of sweet and unsweet iced tea and will also feature a full line of YETI merchandise and healthy snack options featuring Project7, Clif Bars, Clint & Sons Beef Jerky and many other options.

The Edmond store will also feature a “Tea Brewing Station” which will put the tea brewing process front and center and allow customers to watch the Brewmaster siphon brew tea all day long.

“After spending the better part of the past decade creating systems and building a franchise infrastructure we are excited to lock arms with Layne, Darrell and their families to bring the vision and the customer experience of an HTeaO store to the good people of Oklahoma” says Justin Howe, President & CEO for HTeaO.

If you are interested in learning more about the success of our franchisees and would like to explore the HTeaO Franchising opportunity in your local market visit and use the form at the top right to connect with us. Let’s get you started on the path to successful franchise ownership.

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