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HTeaO Announces New Franchisee for San Antonio, TX



July 10th, 2018

(San Antonio, TX) West San Antonio will be home to HTeaO’s newest franchise. HTeaO is excited to welcome Darin & Laurie Winchell and Richard & Jeannie Belvin to the HTeaO family.

When asked what drew them to HTeaO Laurie shared a pretty incredible story. To give you the back story she and her husband Darin sold their oilfield company in 2014. She went to work for First Capital Bank as they kept their hearts open to their next entrepreneurial venture. That is where the story picked up as she shared “Not long after the HTeaO store opened, everyone from my branch of the bank became addicted to the wonderful tea. One life changing day I was sent to get tea for the branch. When I walked in the store I thought WOW! I was so intrigued by the friendly staff, the layout of the store and its simplicity and the energizing atmosphere. I felt like God was shining a light and telling me to look around. After I gathered up my tea order, I went to pay. I asked the sweet girl at the register if this was a franchise and she said “Not yet, but it is coming”. I immediately told my mom and husband. We watched for the franchise announcement and applied as soon as it was offered.”

After submitting their application Darin, Laurie and her parents Richard and Jeannie set out to find the perfect market for their family and their new HTeaO store. When asked how they settled on San Antonio Laurie shared “We chose the San Antonio Alamo Ranch area as we have been wanting to relocate out of Midland for some time. We literally researched almost every city in Texas and San Antonio just seems to be the perfect fit for all of us. Mom and dad are excited to return to Texas (From New Mexico) to be close to family and help grow the franchise. The kids also feel that San Antonio will provide excellent opportunities in their careers.

HTeaO will include it’s custom tea bar with 22 flavors of sweet and unsweet iced tea and will also feature a full line of YETI merchandise and healthy snack options featuring Project7, Clif Bars, Clint & Sons Beef Jerky and many other options.

The West San Antonio store will also feature a “Tea Brewing Station” which will put the tea brewing process front and center and allow customers to watch the Brewmaster siphon brew tea all day long.

“After spending the better part of the past decade creating systems and building a franchise infrastructure we are excited to lock arms with Darin, Laurie and their family to bring the vision and the customer experience of an HTeaO store to West San Antonio” says Justin Howe, President & CEO for HTeaO.

If you are interested in learning more about the success of our franchisees and would like to explore the HTeaO Franchising opportunity in your local market visit and use the form at the top right to connect with us. Let’s get you started on the path to successful franchise ownership.

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