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HTeaO Welcomes VP of Product Sales and Merchandising

HTeaO is proud to announce the addition of Matt Gonzalez to the HTeaO Logistics Team. Matt will serve as the VP of Product Sales and Merchandising and oversee all activity related to product development and store merchandising. Matt brings with him an extensive background in merchandising and sales across multiple industries that include both distribution and retail. He is excited to be joining HTeaO in this season of massive growth of the company as HTeaO moves into many new and dynamic markets across the country.

HTeaO is currently rolling out an aggressive strategic action plan targeting markets across the United States and are currently gearing up to open multiple markets across Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri and Florida in the coming months.

“After spending the better part of the past decade creating systems and building a franchise infrastructure we are excited to bring the vision and the customer experience of an HTeaO store to markets across the country” says Justin Howe, President & CEO for HTeaO. “For the first time since the launch of HTeaO we are actively expanding into new markets and are expecting to announce at least 75 new locations by the end of the year with many more to come in the future.”

If you are interested in learning more about the success of our franchisees and would like to explore the HTeaO Franchising opportunity in your local market visit and use the form at the top right to connect with us. Let’s get you started on the path to successful franchise ownership.

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