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Local Man will run 72 miles in 24 hours to support local small businesses.

Our very own, Scottie Davis of HTeaO Amarillo, TX is attempting to complete an amazing 24-hour running challenge THIS SATURDAY April 18th to support local Amarillo businesses.

He has been contemplating the run for a few weeks now, and has decided to take it on this Saturday, April 18th, 2020. He will be running an incredible 72 miles in 24 hours’ time to support 24 hometown businesses in the Amarillo area. His journey will begin at HTeaO on Hillside at 10am, and will be tracking his own progress along the way on social media.

We cannot believe he is taking on this task, as this is the craziest endurance challenge Amarillo has ever seen. He will complete this inspirational run at 10am on Sunday morning, at Buns Over Texas to finish off his 72-mile journey. We are extremely inspired and very excited to watch the events unfold on HTeaO’s Facebook page. We encourage everyone to join him on his journey by way of social media to help benefit 24 of Amarillo’s favorite home owned businesses, while social distancing.

Follow his journey at to help support businesses of Amarillo during this time.

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